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Qualifying for a memorial brick

Qualifying for a brick

To qualify for a brick a person:

  • Must currently be serving or posses an honorable discharge from one of the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Does NOT require service in a foreign country

Interesting facts about the memorial

There is room for 10,000 engraved bricks in the main body of the memorial

There are two expansion areas on each side of the memorial that can hold an additional 5,000 bricks each making the memorial capable of holding 20,000 engraved bricks

The 14 foot five sided monolith, made from the same black granite used to construct the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC, was mined in South Africa and came to the United States by ship through the St. Lawrence Seaway into Canada, then Minnesota before coming to Ohio. Bronze medallions, for each branch of the military, are attached to each side of the monolith, which is topped with an eternal flame.

The granite for the benches and time capsule enclosure was donated by the Franklin County Veteran's Memorial in downtown Columbus, Ohio

Each of the benches is inscribed with a sentence, from a phrase, that in total reads:

"Dedicated to the men and women who served
Who gave their full measure for god and country
To preserve freedom and liberty for us all
Through us they will live forever and never be forgotten."

All 5 service branches are represented at the memorial

The contents of the time capsule were gathered from local schools, service organizations, residents and committee members. The enclosure with the time capsule sealed inside was dedicated on Veteran's Day, 2000 and is to be opened on Veteran's Day of 2050.

Planning for the park began in 1996

The first donation for the park was from The Kroger Company at the last council meeting of the year in December 1997 for $1000.00

Work began on the park in 1998

The memorial was officially dedicated with all of the granite amenities in place on Memorial Day in May 2000

The memorial occupies land of the former Discovery Park at Big Walnut Creek

There are three memorial trees planted at the rear of the memorial with bronze plaques at each of the trees bases

The VFW Post 4719 donated a small area of land at the south end of the park to the city in 1998. This was required so the park was large enough to allow for 20,000 engraved bricks to be installed over time
Bricks representing many wars can be found at the park.
  • Civil War
  • Spanish American War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korea
  • Viet Nam
  • Afghanistan
  • Kuwait
  • Iraq